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SBH Inauguaration

SBH Inauguaration

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Anywhere Anytime Learning.

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Go green with e-Learning by eliminating printing costs.

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Reduce Travel and Fuel consumption.

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People at different Geographic locations can share a common platform.

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Pick and choose your lesson.

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Get self certified by accessing tests.

Welcome to Gyanodaya e-Learning

New Courses Created in Portal

  • 1.Mandatory e-Lessons for Clerical Batch-2013.
  • 2.Mandatory e-Lessons for PO Batch-2012.
  • 3.Mandatory e-Lessons for TO Batch-2012.
  • 4.Mandatory e-Lessons for TO Batch-2013.
    "Two new courses with reading material for JAIIB/CAIIB aspirants are available in the portal under Course IDs C0075 & C0076"     " 187 e-Lessons & 180 Tests are available in the portal "